Atlas "Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Industry" is ready!

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Why is this atlas worth reading?

Why is this atlas worth reading?

Among all other sectors of economy pharmaceutical industry is to some extent underestimated as the majority of people have scarce information about it. At the same time, it’s one of the industries which can help Ukraine break the spell of the resource-based economy. We prepared an infographics’ atlas with an overview of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry. It will provide experts with the most up-to-date and comprehensive information about all aspect of the industry, while for a wider audience it will explain the impact of medicines on our health, as well as how their production influences the development of the economy.

What can you find in the atlas?

In this atlas we’ll show:
- stages which medicines go through — from development to retail and how much does it cost;
— where Ukraine buys and where sells medicines;
— who are key players of the Ukrainian market and what are their sales’ volumes;
— how the price for the most popular medicines was changing;
— which medicines improve the quality of life;
— how the price of foreign medicines differs compared to Ukrainian analogues;
— how the state regulates the pharmaceutical market;
— the volume of investments into the promotion of medicines;
— the history of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry;
— the map of Ukrainian pharmaceutical enterprises;
— the value of the pharmaceutical industry for the economy;
— clinical studies of medicines in Ukraine.

Rules of Use of the "Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Industry" Guide

What can you find in the atlas?

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