The first issue of infographic atlas "IT industry in Ukraine" is ready!

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Why should you read this atlas?

Why should you read this atlas?

From just another industry Information technology turned into a growth driver for other industries and the entire economy. IT transforms commodity economy into digital. We released this atlas to show the impact technology has on the global economy, and what place Ukraine will take in the new world.

What’s in the atlas?

30 pages of infographics explain:
— what is IT and what is the importance of information technology for economic development;
— what was the significance of industrial revolutions;
— how information technology affects business;
— how IT market is arranged in Ukraine and in the world;
— importance of IT for the Ukrainian economy and Ukraine's place on the global IT market;
— Why domestic IT market is important

This data was published in the form of a clear infographic for the first time. To each infographic we have added brief explanatory texts.


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What’s in the atlas?