The first edition of the infographic report "Energy industry in Ukraine"

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The report was made by Top Lead Content Marketing Agency with the support of experts from American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and partners: AEQUO Law Firm, DTEK, Bosch Ukraine, Henry-Bleyzer.

Analytical partner — Business Views. Information partners: Naftogaz of Ukraine, news agency Interfax-Ukraine, informational and analytical agency Energoreforma.

Why should you read this report?

Why should you read this report?

Energy industry is difficult to understand, so it can be easily penetrated by corruption. We release this infographic report to let you understand how Ukrainian energy industry works, so that you can no longer be fooled. It will explain the twists and turns of the industry in a clear language: from raw material extraction to the supply of electricity, gas and heat to your apartment.

What is in the report?

In the report, bright infographics explains the most important questions:
- current state of energy industry,
- potential of the energy sector,
- areas that need to be reformed.

To do this, we depicted all energy sectors and separately explained the "third energy package" — the package of laws, regulating energy sector of the European Union.

The unique feature of this report are balances: general and specific for electricity, gas and coal. The balances explain where energy comes from and how we consume it.

We also explain the global energy markets, the Ukrainian market and the logic of industry reforms.

What is in the report?

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