Terms of Use of the "Fintech Guide 2018"

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The partial use of the content of this guide includes any reproduction, re-publishing, distribution, mentioning in the related publications as well as all other means of text"s partial use stipulated by the law of Ukraine on "Copywrite and Related Rights".  

The reference to the author and partners must contain only the following wording: the Report has been prepared by Top Lead  Content Marketing Agency, supported by experts from UAPAY and partners: AEQUO Law Firm and Oschadbank. Information partners — Mastercard, EBA, financial supermarket Finance.ua. Analytical partner — Business Views  

At the same time, hyperlinks to the authors" and partners" sites must be preserved (for websites and online media). Hyperlinks must be available for indexation by search engines.  

Reference to the author and partners should appear no later than in the second paragraph of the publication which contains parts of the guide"s materials.  

It"s prohibited to edit, modify, cut, transform, translate or alter the content of the guide"s pages, including graphs, texts, logos or any other elements appearing therein, in any other way.

5. It"s prohibited to use the guide"s materials for the purposes of generating direct or indirect profit.