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What's the big deal?


Bitcoin is the main economic topic of recent months. Some consider its marching pace as its end, the others — as the potential to displace conventional money.


We analyzed the state of bitcoin, its advantages and disadvantages and made conclusions in this respect. They are debatable and we invite everyone to this discussion. This is the first no-hassle guide for cryptocurrencies, which explains them to an average person and lifts the veil of mystery off this convenient mean of payment. Guide is full of colorful infographics and spells out this difficult to understand topic.

Why you should read this guide

Why you should read this guide

Most people consider cryptocurrencies the future of economy and business. Frankly, they are right. Cryptocurrencies disrupt the global economy. In a few years they have become a popular investment, people believe they are substitute for traditional money.

2018 is the year when cryptocurrency will become an ordinary part of the economy. Any investor can use them and any customer can pay with them, enjoying gteater security.

In this guide we plainly explain what a person needs to know to start investing in cryprocurrencies and pay with them.

What is this guide about

In the guide, we systematized the scattered data on cryptocurrencies and showed a global picture:
— how cryptocurrencies work
— world market of cryptocurrencies
— the popularity of certain currencies
— industries, which accompany cryptocurrencies: mining, stock exchanges and investment funds
— the new way to raise and make investments through ICO.

What is this guide about

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